2014 Student Competition Entrants

by Sam Billingham
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Command Control is a real-time multiplayer game inspired by the IOS game Spaceteam. Consisting of 3 physical controllers with buttons, switches, dials and sliders that facilitate a fun group gaming experience. Players work together to use the correct controls to keep the ship flying. The only way players can complete levels is by working together.

Each control has seven inputs based on the ideas of Miller's magic number 7, making it not impossible for players to remember there inputs throughout the level.

Using Arduino I was able to control a number of different inputs. Inputs are then calculated and sent to my game server. Most of the logic for command control is ran on the server using Node.js. Built into each controller is an old android phone, these are used as screens to represent the button layouts, timers and signals for the game. All of the assets in the game I created myself, along with building the physical controllers, wiring and all of the programming.

I wanted to explore how creating physical interfaces for games can enhance the playability, change group dynamics and the experience had while playing.

I was able to really push my boundaries and learn many new skills from electronics, design to programming both for a server and user interface. I was really happy to have created a project people can have fun playing.

My favourite part of this project was one of the last parts i added. A big red button that starts and restarts the game at any state. This was great for people to be able to get started quickly. The key switch to reset the Arduino is pretty cool too.

by Team Commodious Downfall
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Commodious downfall is a first person puzzle platformer with a focus on variety. The core of the game revolves around moving and rotating various platforms and even whole sections of an area, all towards forming a viable path towards the end.

As a maintenance robot trapped on a derelict ship, your goal is to discover what went wrong and figure out a way to escape. The situation goes from bad to worse as you find yourself in the middle of a feud between two powerful and conflicting entities who inhabit the Commodious vessel.

by DigiPen Team Quadriga
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This game is an adventure platformer with needs for dexterity, strategy, concentration and speed. This game consists of marbles traversing a maze. In one player mode, the player must dodge enemies and enemy fires, avoid pitfalls, spikes, saws and other dangerous items. In two player mode, the players race each other through a maze. In the event of a tie, the player that collected more coins wins. By virtue of this game as frustratingly addictive, the player may find that they die and are taken back to a checkpoint in such case. Because of this frustration, we allow unlimited lives, but don't let that deter your addiction. The ending of the obstacle course in the maze will satisfy you.

Sugu Lee: Framework Creator, Lead Developer, Graphics & Animation
Oscar Monge: Debugging Tools, AI Developer, UI Developer
Devang Patel: Producer, Engine Programmer, Level Creator
Bhanu Prakash: Level Creator, Graphics & Animation, Game Designer
Abhijeet Reddy: Physics Programmer, Engine Programmer, Level Designer

Special thanks to:
Hanna Sayre: Textures
Mony Sine: Music

by HIYAAA GAMES (pronounced like the karate chop sound)
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Corgi Caper is a whimsical endless runner game made for mobile devices.
Players swipe left, right, or up to navigate through the mysterious underground cave areas.

You play as Tank, an adventurous Corgi that is like Indiana Jones.
Tank not only has to dodge attacks from skeleton dino enemies, but he can also fight back with his corg-attacks. Collect bones to increase your high score and grab power-ups that let you do the impossible.

Whether you are flying on a pterodactyl or fighting off the T-rex,
we want this game to let you feel like you are right in the middle of all the action!

by Mokuni LLC
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Cory and his friends lived on a giant walking tree. The ancient tree wandered over the scorching desert, trying to find oases for rest and nutrition. But one day it was attacked by evil robots, who hunt walking trees to suck up their energy. In order to save their beloved home, Cory and his friends started an exciting adventure.

Cory is a game designed for touchscreens. Tap on the screen to plant flowers. The flowers have various types and functions, so use them wisely to help Cory defeat those evil robots!

by Michel TOPUZOGLU / David GIBAUD / Alexandre LEBOURGEOIS / Léo MILLOT / Romain DUBUC / Clément MARCHAL / Florian RENEAU / Matthieu GOERIG / Pauline GOSSELIN / Xavier RYSINSKI / Kévin DELAURE / Yannick TASSIN
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Become MagnoBot, a little robot with extraordinary powers that allow you to control metal objects around you, so you can overcome the obstacles put in your path by some mysterious strangers who have kidnapped your family.

by Crustaciteam
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Crustacity is a kids game on tablet using 2 symbiotic gameplays : In the first one, the player has to move correctly his avatar, Bernard the crab, to shoot foes with its shell. There are many kinds of shells like the tesla one which fire electric orbs. This nervous gameplay is supported by a more quite one where the player manages the plankton's city built on Bernard's back. Planktons help the crab to be more powerful, but enemies can attack them directly ! Of course, Crustacity takes place in an offbeat universe full of funny characters and situations

by DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

Cut!@Paste!! is a puzzle platform game presented from the third-person perspective. Cut!@Paste!! primarily comprises a series of puzzles that must be solved by using the actions of cut and paste.

by Hack n' Hide
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Different Roles, Common Goals

In the year 2114, the United States Department of Education has become society's tyrant by the stranglehold of student debt which has grown astronomically and reduces those with debt to indentured servitude.

Cyber Heist is a new vision for two-player, cooperative gameplay where neither player can succeed without the other. Survive by stealth and guile as the Thief or play as an elite Hacker as they work together to navigate past danger, access advanced security systems and discover hidden secrets.

Pick your role as the Hacker or the Thief and take on the DOE to erase all record of student debt forever.

by Nathan Danziger
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Day Trap seeks to prove that cinemagraphs can make film-games better.

Cinemagraphs are shots that last for "x" amount of time because they loop. The shot could last a second. The shot could last a million, billion years. It is flexible, because loops are flexible. This variability is very useful in a gaming context. Games are full of variables.

by DigiPen Team Radio Galaxy
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Demon Drum is a exploration based puzzle game with an ancient Japanese theme.
Take control of a demon who is rescuing lost souls and carrying them to the afterlife.
Explore the world as you summon ghosts and use them to solve puzzles and traverse the terrain.

Peter Clark - Physics / Particles
Connor Hollis - Graphics / Tools
David Knopp - Producer / Gameplay
Trent Reed - Engine
Doug Zwick - Design
Alek Hiebert - Level Design
Kori Loomis - Sound Design
Jiying Zhao - Background / Concept Art
Liz Pulanco - Animation
Adrienne Mata - Art Producer / Animation

by DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore
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Descension: Depths of De'mae is a 3D action-adventure game with a unique gesture based combat system.

Humans and corrupted E'mae infiltrated the Depths of De'mae seeking to destroy De'mae's power: the Paragon Crystal. The Spirit of De'mae has guided you to the Depths, and bestowed you its vision and powers. Manipulate De'myst, and direct its flow to affect the world and living beings around. Save the Paragon Crystal, and the whole of De'mae.

by Robin Bornschein, Fabienne Osterwalder, Philomena Schwab, Oliver Kalbermatter
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A Virus has invaded your system! It's up to clumsy, little antivirus Digibug to hunt it down! This won't be an easy task though - can you puzzle your way through over 130 mind-bending levels and guide Digibug safely through all the deadly hazards?

Shiftable floor pieces, bullet-firing turrets, crumbly floor tiles, dissectors, rotators - everything can be used to your advantage - or potentially lead to an early demise.

Digibug is an hommage to the puzzle genre and tries to bridge the gap between casual and experienced players by providing an easy start, a smooth learning curve and, at the same time, lots of brain-twisting levels for the hardcore players. It's a work of love, with over 130 hand-crafted levels, each introducing or building on some unique twist or idea in the mechanics, each challenging you to look at it at a different angle.

Idea, Game Design, Programming: Robin Bornschein
Art & Animation: Fabienne Osterwalder, Philomena Schwab
Soundtrack: Oliver Kalbermatter
Additional Music: DeceasedSuperiorTechnician.

by Dino Corp

DinoFightinSaurs is an action game in which player competes with their friend against each
other, trying to defeat their opponent by using a variety of ranged methods including arrow, fireball, cannon, etc., while building their own path for a better strategic point.
The game supports 2 to ­4 players competing against each other on a same screen, on one

DinoFightinSaurs features pure PvP content, providing various environment for players to
enjoy competing with each other, surviving other's attacks while trying to find opportunities to hit
opponent. It supports 2 player on keyboard or 4 player on controller & keyboard mix.

by Swagabyte Games
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There is no hero in this story. No happy ending, no uplifting message. You are human, and you have a very human problem: you need to understand. They say you're crazy. So be it. Enter the very mind of madness, traverse the past, and hopefully by doing so, gain a grasp on the here and now. You will alter the very landscape of the two-dimensional platforming mind. Twitch skill and skilled jumps are your modus operandi in this pixel-art dreamscape. You'll need quick fingers in order to progress through stages of grief, adversity, madness, and hope for redemption. Who knows if you'll find the key, but isn't it worth a shot?

by James Earl Cox III
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Don't Kill the Cow is a side-scrolling critical game that questions the importance of goals and authority in games. There is only one way to win the game: 'don't kill the cow', but is winning the game worth it? How much do the simple phrases like 'you win' and 'you lose' mean to the player?

by Andreas Halter
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Draw me the way is a puzzle game for Samsung S-Pen devices.
It tells the story of how a noble knight called Sir Hainrich met a powerful wizard and how they embarked on a great journey searching for gold and glory.

The player leads Sir Hainrich through dungeons by drawing arrows on the floor and thus drawing him the way.

by DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

DreamWalker is a puzzle platformer set in a dream-like world where you get to experience infinite
possibilities within a finite space. You play as Warance, a guy who has no recollection of what happened
to him before he came into this dream world. Your main goal is to collect all his memories and solve puzzles
to find out what had happened to him!

by Major Bueno (Benedikt Hummel & Marius Winter)
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You are Giuseppe Fortissimo, the worst piano player in the world. As the crowd isn't really diggin' your passion, you need to avoid the lots of junk they're throwing on stage. Throw back their trash with molto passione, Giuseppe! Keep your dignity!

by Philomena Schwab & Sasa Tomic
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Drownings is a free puzzle game for tablets and smartphones.

Save all the people from drowning! The rules are simple, the puzzles challenging and enjoyable. Draw lines with the SPen or your finger to reach the surface.
Meet the fun characters and deal with their manners. Yet be carefull, dangers lurk at every corner. Collect all 15 pearls spread over the 60 levels to prove, that you are a puzzle mastermind!

by Foggy Studio
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A challenging and innovative simple runner game.
Run as far as you can, quickly go up or down and glide through obstacles. Try to beat other players highscore.


-Innovative runner gameplay mechanic
-Very fast paced gameplay with simple controls
-Change difficulty Easy, Normal and Hard
-Really challengeable
-Challenge your friends and all other players worldwide
-Beautiful backgrounds with new colors every time you play the game
-Four dumb and funny characters

by Glass Knuckle Games
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Dumble is an arcade-style dual stick shooter with a unique spell combination system. It features over fifty different spells, six handsome worlds, and five intense boss fights. With a myriad of powers and enemies, Dumble is by far the most sophisticated wizard simulator around!
It is available to play for free in HTML5 compliant browsers at: glassknuckle.com/Dumble. It is also available for $0.99 on iOS and Android (JellyBean and above) devices.

by Macabros Games
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E.A Poe's Tell Tale Heart is a game adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale. In this game players use their mobile device to embody the game. Slowly creak the door open, hold the phone down to suffocate, scrub away the blood and more. Tile, shake, tap, and roll your way through the story. Designed to make players look as though they are going mad as they play the game.

This game puts you in the role of the story's narrator as you re-enact key points of the story's narrative connected to the demise of their dear friend. This high stakes game features addictive action and high-contrast, graphic novel visuals. How long can you maintain your sanity?

by DigiPen Team Doppelgangers
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Echo Knights is an arena-style shoot 'em up game where up to 4
players compete against each other to be the last one standing.
Echoes of player's past will either assist or hinder them at the
start of each game. It is up to players to plan ahead and make full
use of their past to influence their future.

Chng Shi Rong - Game Director (Game Design, Level Design, Artist)
Tan Weisheng - Lead Game Designer (Player Mechanics, Echo Mechanics, Physics)
Soh Yi Heng - Producer (Level Editor, Object Manager)
Lionel Lim - Assistant Producer (Collisions, Picking, Physics)
Andre Pong Yu Xuan - Art Director (Artist, Game Design)
Tan Zhe Xing - Technical Director (Engine Architecture, Debug tools, Graphics)
Andrew Ang - Lead Programmer (Graphics, Animation)
Yee Zong Han - Test Manager (General Game Logic, UI Design)

by Robin Bornschein, Gian Jenal, Markus Rosse, Philomena Schwab, Beat Kunz
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* general description
Elarooh is an adventure game on iPhone/iPad with lush, hand-drawn backgrounds.
A hidden path in the woods leads the player to the entrance of the magical forest Elarooh. A captivating story about a mysterious incident concerning the forests inhabitants begins. By solving challenging puzzles, minigames and riddles, the player slowly unfolds the secret and approaches the story's core.

* content and artistic aspirations
Adventure games are a lacking genre on mobile devices, although their gameplay fits this medium perfectly.
Elarooh's visual style is a mix between hand-drawn watercolor scenes and digital media. With this unconventional aesthetics we try to loosen up the monotonous look in the iOS store.
The beautifully arranged music track changes dynamically according to the players actions and the progress of the story.
Our story is about prejudices and how to maintain harmony in a fragile system.

* goal of the games
In order to solve the mystery of Elarooh, the player explores the deep forest, meets its inhabitants and solves puzzles.
Along the way different achievements can be unlocked (finding hidden marbles, collect butterflies, ...). Players can compare their progress and compete via Gamecenter.

* control scheme & gameplay
The control scheme consists of simple touch and drag controls and a clear user interface.
Various minigames challenge the players motor and logical skills.

* target audience
We target adventure fans and casual gamers alike. The game can be played from a very young age on up to old age. It's suited for families, where parents and children can play and enjoy the game together. We don't intend to target a specific gender.

* development milestones
Elarooh will have 30 unique scenes which each can be visited by night and day. You'll obtain exciting powers like making plants grow, talking to animals or control elements like water or wind. Meet many spirits and animals. You will be challenged by different minigames. Additional soundtracks will accentuate the present scenes.

* promotion & distribution strategy
The game will be distributed over Apples App Store for iPhone and iPad. It will receive special coverage in the press because it's a niche product. Simultaneously there will be a developers journal with making-of material. Other digidingo games will ingame promote this game which will reach an already existing, huge fanbase.

by Daniel Randell

A game about emotion. Each level of the game tackles an abstract view of an emotion.
Gameplay consists of a simple puzzle/platformer with an overarching narrative tackling each emotion.

by Forgotten Pear
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Our game is a cooperative horde mode third-person shooter set in a medieval castle. You control a dead military officer who must defend himself against waves of hostile spirits after being brought to a dimension in limbo.

Players build up a personal score which acts as a currency system for other features during gameplay such as unlocking new areas and more weapons. The game features a large area for players to explore and a variety of enemies. The end of the play-through will culminate in a boss battle that will require the player to use all of the skills he or she has learned in order to succeed.

by Mahdi Bahrami & Moslem Rasouli
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Engare is a game about movement of objects.

by Dead Shark Triplepunch
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In Epigenesis, players compete over control of an arena high up in the air, where players use force cannons to push their opponents into the abyss. Players score by throwing a ball through the opponents goal, each score grants the scoring team a seed which can be used to capture platforms. Players win by either capturing the opponents spawn platform or if the time runs out, the team with the most score win the game.

Epigenesis is a love letter to Quake and Unreal Tournament's Bombing Run. It is a mix of the games that we at DS3P miss from the time when we grew up, and we want to give that same experience but with a modern twist to today's gamers. No matter if you are one of the old Quake players who miss the twitchy shooter, or if you think you know the meaning of the word "hectic", Epigenesis has something for you.

by Escherreal Capstone Team
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Escherreal is an M.C. Escher themed video game with 3D platforming and puzzles.

As Raffi, players will be sucked into his Uncle Escher's mind bending universe that makes you look at things from a different perspective...literally.

You'll have to navigate this world using two of Escher's crazy inventions: one being the Mirror Marble, which "flips" gravity on its head, and the other being the Infinispecs, which transforms the world from 3D to 2D.

by DigiPen Team DigiFried
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Ether Lunu is a first person platform shooter.
In Ether Lunu, the protagonist uses his power called Ether to perform Sun Bursts to get around the level, avoid traps and reach the goal.

Rezwan Sharudin – Design Lead, Logic Programmer
Yip Ka Yan – Producer, Logic Programmer
Lai Yao Wen – Technical Lead, Engine Programmer
Tan Jian Xin – Graphic Programmer
Rudine Hartanto – Physic Programmer
Chee Meng Yim -- Game Designer, Art Director, Artist
Terence Chow Shang Zhen-- Game/Level Designer, Artist

by McNeil Media
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Eugene Houdin is doodle animation fighting game with a unique interactive style. It's full of countless enemies with weapons and upgrades galore. The upgrades range from bigger weapons to special powers, such as setting your enemies on fire. Battle as Eugene against various enemies in this realtime, turn-based, strategy game. This is a new concept never seen before.

The gameplay is very interactive with several different gestures allowing you to perform a variety of attacks. The gestures are done by swiping the touch screen in various ways to execute desired attacks and dodges.

by Equestrian Babies
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An action RPG set in the fantasy land of Animalia where six animal species rule over their respective kingdoms. The story follows a Mole squire, and his companions from the Mouse, Hare, and Squirrel kingdoms, who are sent on a quest to uncover the source of an evil dark mist that decimated the Mole and Mouse armies.

Key features include puzzles designed for each of the four characters and the party combat system. Each puzzle has a specific mechanic for a certain character to complete it. The nature of the puzzles are logic puzzles for the Squirrel, a 2D platformer for the Hare, a maze for the Mouse and smashing walls for the Mole. The player only controls the Mole character but he has a party of three other characters with different skills and abilities that are controlled by an AI which assist the player in combat. You will play as the Mole who uses a hammer to crush his enemies. As you progress through the game you will acquire allies from the different kingdoms. For example, the Hare companion will hold the enemies off with his sword & shield, while the Squirrel and Mouse companions will use ranged attacks.

by DigiPen Team Fizz
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Evac is a fast paced first person puzzle platformer. The player must a collapsing space station by using a variety of powers they collect from the world. In addition, there are a variety of objects like grav pads and jump pads to help the player navigate to the exit and eventually, an escape pod.


Nicholas Draper: Producer
Max Klassen: Tools Programmer
Brennan Conroy: Tech Director
Matt Sutherlin: Graphics Programmer
Tony Moore: Programmer
XiaoXiao Qi: Physics Programmer

Megan Sutherlin: Design Producer
Chris Hermey: Lead Designer
Tommy Hanusa: Designer

Ian Hampton: Lead Artist
Rachel Clark: Aritst
Carlos Ortega: Artist

Collin Meredith: Sound Designer

by moonkeh
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EXPLODIMALS is a physics puzzle platformer. Roll, bounce and explode your way through 100 destructible levels, collecting cakes and unlocking extra parts to customise your own explodimal!

by Penguins will fly

Factory 59 is a Point n Click black and white Graphic Novel with numerous puzzles to solve. You have the role of Professor Hopkins who has a passion of discovering new places and this time he is visiting the town of Lodz(Poland).

This town has a unique character and the graphics of the game are taken from the actual places of the city. This game is a unique experience of visiting and solving the mysteries of Lodz and finally discovering what is hidden in the Factory 59.

by Team Fakteur
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Fakteur is a game about lies and how they affect people, in a poetic paperworld.
You play as a postman who can read and alter the mail that he will deliver.
The world changes to reflect the moods of its faceless inhabitants, make them sad, happy or angry and rediscover the world each day.


Fat & Furious is a cooperative and tangible runner with alchemy mechanics running on Sifteo cubes.

Your hamster is not only fat; he's terribly furious. Nothing can stop him except the dangerous obstacles on its way. You and your friends have to find out how to get rid of them by alchemic combinations!

by Aaron Freedman, Shervin Ghazazani, Maxim Kolbowski-Frampton, Dylan McKenzie
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Field-1 feels like playing hockey inside of a pinball machine. Part Frogger, part Hokra, part American Gladiators, Field-1 is an arcade game that's accessible and exciting for both players and spectators. The goal of the game is to pilot your player into the opponent's goal. Move faster by shedding weight, but a lighter player is vulnerable to chaotic collisions with heavier opponents and the physics obstacles that fill the field. The player with more points at the end of the round is the winner.

by Frost Light Studios
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Release One Description (Pre-Alpha Build)

Fireside Chronicles: Horde Mode is cooperative third person shooter arena combat game. You and your friends must fight the waves of undead to survive or become undead yourself. Collect tongues to trade in to the local shopkeeper for more powerful weapons/traps/items, anything to help you survive.

Ammo and Health kits are scattered across the level to help you in your fight, along with mysterious bottles that can either help you greatly in a tight spot or spell certain doom.

Fight Well Brave Travelers.

by Miquel Camacho / Quique Grases
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35 minutes ago an intruder has broken into the most protected complex in the planet. 8 minutes ago she has placed the last explosive charge. 7 seconds ago she has enabled the device that will detonate.
Now, she must run away before it's too late.

by Flash Frozen Team
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Flash Frozen is a Survival Horror Game developed for PC on the Unity Engine. In the game you are trapped on a shipwrecked vessel, haunted and warped by a living ice entity. The player must escape the ship while staying warm and surviving the harsh frozen environment and its many dangers.

by DigiPen Team Spooky Vault
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What begins as the innocent, wondrous adventure of two children collecting fireflies turns into a struggle for survival in a dark wasteland. In Flicker, two players must help each other travel through the post-apocalyptic ruins of humanity. The gameplay centers around a fuel collection mechanic, manifested in the form of fireflies, which the players collect in a lantern and use to light their way. Players must work together to solve a variety of puzzles and navigate through the darkness.

Caleb Le Roy - Narrative Designer, Tech Lead, Playtesting Lead
Brenda Challender - Narrative Designer, Lead Artist, Producer, Music

by DigiPen Team Neat Snake
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Flickers is an abstract, atmospheric, timing-based 2D platformer following the journey of the player
from the heart of a dying flower through a world blanketed in perpetual twilight. Jump between hovering
sparks called "flickers" as you make your way through painterly environments to reach the moon and transform the world around you. Through a combination of sights, sounds, and gameplay, Flickers aims to create an emotional arc without telling a conventional story.

Keith Tallon - Lead Producer: Game Object Editor, Level Design, Testing
Jason Ericson - Lead Creative Director: Game Logic, Game Design, Sound Design and Direction
Robert Marchesani - Lead Tech Director: Architecture, Graphics, Special Effects
Beth Morrell - Lead Art Director: Concept Art, Production, Direction
Adam Kenney - Artist: Environment Art, UI
Katelyn Simon - Environment Artist
Paul Kranich - Game Designer: Level Design

by Team Procrastinatus
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Combining the mechanics of "hot potato" and the classic game of tag, Fly or Die is a hysterical jetpack game for all ages.

You and three friends control four cartoony characters flying around in a 2D world. One player has a ticking bomb, and it's up to that player to transfer the bomb to someone else by flying into them. One thing is clear; You do NOT want to be the one carrying it when it explodes!

Winner of the Swedish game awards: Gamer's Choice 2013.

Created using the SFML and Box2D library for c++.

by FireFreeGames
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FlyBy is an exciting, fast paced, arcade style mobile game with a variety of exciting obstacles and challenges to complete! With randomly generated levels and online leader boards powered by Google Play.

FlyBy offers many hours of plane flying fun! We hope you will enjoy playing and share our game with your friends!

Check out our website at www.FireFreeGames.com for more information about us or follow us on Twitter at #FireFreeGames!

- Randomly generated caves and levels for endless game play
- Many different exciting obstacles to avoid and fly through
- Online leader-board powered by Google Play Services
- Collect coins to buy power ups and upgrades in the in game store
- Thrilling challenges to complete

by The Grey Room
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Flying Fish is an aeronautical platformer that spans the ocean and skies. Made in response to the lack of non-combat flight games, we've tried to create the experience of learning to fly, including the vertigo and elation involved.

We've made a world for players to swim, leap, and glide through, as they guide a lonely fish on its piscine pilgrimage to answer the call of an Amber God Whale.

by Unblanched Peanuts
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A local two player fighting game centered around soul-theft and a simple yet deceptively deep dueling system. Think Super Smash Bros meets Nidhogg.

Outwit, outwiggle, and outstab your off-color twin, then steal their soul. Demonstrate your outfakery, your outpokery, your well-timed mischievious swordplay, and generally juke your way to handing your friendly local opponent a completely humiliating takedown. Controllers strongly recommended, but keyboards are supported.

Some mind-games may apply.

by Sebastian Petravic Dylan Gordon Tian Liu

Protect a forest from evil loggers using only a hedgehog and a squirrel costume!

by Holgersson Entertainment
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Fortify Special Edition is a real-time strategy, castle defense game set in a fantasy world. Starting with a small castle in the iron age, enemies will start attacking from all directions. Positioning your units correctly on the walls to take down enemies gives you gold. Slowly you advance through the medieval age and in to the imperial age, while steadily improving your defenses and technology. Fortify is all about micromanaging your defenders as well as protecting your outposts that gather resources using clever use of defenses like towers, melee units, a catapult, oil fields and more.