2021 Competition Entrants

by Nifflas & Triple Topping

Swim, launch and bounce through this meditative floating platformer.

A reactive soundscape creates the soundtrack to your exploration through the playful puzzles of Ynglet's hand drawn levels.

Absolutely no platforms (which is really unusual for a platformer)!
Jump between bubbles that float in the sky like you're a space dolphin!
Dash into walls that reflect you. It feels really good and looks awesome!
Did we mention there are no platforms?
A highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack thanks to Ynglet's custom and needlessly complicated music software.
Lots of unusual creatures doing their own thing, making the world feel alive

by Happy Volcano

You Suck at Parking is the world's most EXTREME parking game, and the only racing game where the goal is to stop (probably).

You'll need to flex your driving skills to beat a plethora of varied and surprising levels - it's a race against the clock for the perfect parking spot.

Drive, drift, jump and teleport through a devilishly challenging solo campaign or take on a whole world of user-generated tracks.

by G1 Playground

Here we are: the Zombie Apocalypse has happened. You have been saved by a mysterious group of people and they helped teach you how to survive in this new reality. Though it was tough, they taught you how to fight, craft necessary items, and survive out in the wild.

But you should NEVER underestimate a zombie horde. They broke into your home, and though you fought tirelessly, it was hopeless from the start. Now, you are alone once again.

But at least you are alive, and with all the knowledge that you have, you can start anew once again. Use your skills to craft tools for both survival and defense, get your own farm going, and go out to scavenge and save lives. Zombies will come for you eventually — all you can do is prepare yourself and your home, so be sure to have your defenses ready and your machine gun turrets fully armed. The zombie apocalypse is a tough thing to overcome even if it happens in a cute pixelated universe, but don't lose hope just yet! With dozens of crafting options, you can turn your home into an indestructible fortress, set up your own food production systems, and venture out into the zombie infested wilderness to gather valuable loot and survival gear, and save as many people as possible.

by MadLife Divertissement

Project Zorya is a two-player asymmetric cooperative puzzle game. Each player plays as one of the two Zorya sisters: Solveig, goddess of the sun, or Aysu, goddess of the night.

When playing as Solveig, you have an overall view of the level, allowing you to guide the other player around the level and solving macro elements of the puzzles. Your principal task is to help your partner navigate around the level by moving the position of the sun in the sky, shifting the shadows around. Unlike your sister Aysu, who is vulnerable to the sunlight, Solveig is protected from retaliations and is invulnerable. You must assist her with your sunray, a visible beam of light casting a spotlight on the ground, which can stun the enemies on the ground when they are inside it. Your sunray allows you to also interact with diverse activators and other puzzle key elements.

If you choose to play as Aysu, your camera is over the shoulder and you must navigate only in the shadows, the sunlight being fatal to you. Your partner's light shift will create new shadows and allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Dark places being beyond reach for your sister, you must communicate and resolve micro puzzles to reach the end of the level. These puzzles can only be completed by using Aysu's wind powers to move and activate elements in the environment. These powers can also help you to push around enemies. By pushing them in the sunlight, Solveig can stun them with her sunray and give you a break from their incessant attack to push you in the sunlight.

Your goal together is to lead Aysu to the end of each level to capture a lunar artifact, so she can regain her power, without stepping into the sunlight. The game is completed when all lunar artifacts are found.