Escape From Clowntown

Entrant 2017

Seagull Fish Entertainment


Escape from Clowntown is a groundbreaking new mobile game by indie gaming company, Seagull Fish Entertainment. The side-scrolling platformer follows 8 Clumsies; clown characters, trying to escape the growing plague of sadness and Melancholy infecting Clowntown.

Hand-drawn entirely by a single artist over a two year period, Escape from Clowntown is a new genre of mobile game; one based solely in interactive art, like a living, breathing painting. There are eight districts in the game, each featuring a different art style such as photography, pixel graphics, paper doll art, textures, vector graphics, comic book art, and watercolor and pencil. Each district is then broken down into 3 stages, creating 24 distinct, and gorgeous worlds to explore.

Combined with a dynamic storyline that you access through silent film clips and 120+ collectible clowncards, the visual novel-style narrative gets deeper with every secret you unlock.

The end result is that Escape from Clowntown is more than just a mobile game. It is a journey into a rich, original fantasy world, explored through different genres of art. It makes the bold statement that the future of art itself is interactive, and Escape from Clowntown is the next step in that evolution.