Entrant 2020



Evergarden begins as a simple evergreen puzzle game, but soon opens up to reveal a mysterious forest full of hand designed puzzles which unlock power-ups and new mechanics. As players grow in skill and understanding they bring life and music to a strange and magical world. Along the way they discover hidden new ways of playing and a story of beauty and loss.

Our initial vision for the game was to make an instantly accessible puzzle game that slowly drew players into deep strategic thinking. As the game took shape we realized it belonged to a world of magic and mystery and we felt it was somehow an untold story. In the middle of development our mother (Flippfly was founded by two brothers) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The battle took its toll and made us realize the potential of what we were making. Evergarden became a tribute to her love of things that bloom and grow. An escape to a peaceful place where things make sense and time seems to stand still. We never lost our initial vision, but it grew with the game into something bigger. Our hope is that players will find a place of peace where they can escape, but also think, process, grieve and find joy.