Entrant 2013

Speakeasy Games


Exeunt is an autorun game inspired by the Occupy Movement and progressive metal.

In the spirit of the progressive rock movement of the 70s, Exeunt attempts to move the interactive medium forward by combining simple and fun gameplay with a political message. In London 2003, a million people marched against the Iraq war. Unsuccessful, a generation were shown that they had no say in the actions of their government and retreated to a life of escapism in games and fast paced media. Finally, after nearly a decade, the Occupy Movement seeks to reignite the passions of the downtrodden 99% with a clarion call against climate change, inequality and state sponsored violence.

Exeunt reflects the anger and energy of Occupy. When an animal is backed into a corner, it becomes the most dangerous thing on Earth. Become the animal. Become the revolution.