Fear Lucy

Entrant 2020

God As A Cucumber


Fear Lucy is a first-person adventure game in which the player plays through Lucy's eyes.
Lucy is a newborn that uses perspective in an unusual way. With the immersive story line, she discovers who she is and what her purpose in life is.

The game starts with a black screen. The player, just like Lucy, doesn't know what's going on. By exploring the environment the player finds out more and more pieces of Lucy's past. Gradually the player discovers they're in a facility that creates deadly weapons. Lucy is the only successful deadly weapon of the many creatures that the scientists have created. They only had one goal in mind: create the ultimate weapon regardless of how many failed experiments they had to go through. Flashbacks gives Lucy more information about her past, such as, all the trials and tests that the scientists performed on her. With all the given information, it is now the player's choice if Lucy should take revenge or fight for her freedom.