Fighting Words: Adding Insult to Injury

Entrant 2013

Infinitely Large Prime Numbers (Chris Daniel, Chase de Languillette, and Nick Daniel)


An emergent language, card-based, fighting game that lets you live out the tense moments before an epic kung-fu battle.

You are a fighter on the side of justice who has been severely wronged by the opponent you now face. Unfortunately, your opponent feels the same way about you. Only one of you can win -- the one who deserves it -- the one who has been most wronged by the other. So before the fists fly you must use your words to prove that if there is any justice in this world, you shall triumph.

Craft attacks where accusing your opponent of such horrible sins as "killing your grandfather", "destroying your hometown", "stealing your DNA" or even "banishing your ant farm to the phantom zone."
Add extra omph to your accusations with combos like: "you killed my grandfather WITH A PENCIL" or "you destroyed my hometown EVERYDAY FOR 15 YEARS".
When the going get's tough, slander the subjects of your opponent's accusations: "your grandfather was secretly Hitler!"; or counter their attacks by exclaiming "THAT'S A LIE!"

With these tools you can use your words to prove to the universe that you were the most wronged because in the end only one can win, the one with the best Fighting Words.