Fire Escapes

Entrant 2013

Brian Kokernak & Carl Jagt


Save the babies! But don't be distracted by their cuteness. GenXers who lost their arcade innocence on Atari and early Nintendo will love the retro look and feel. You must have good reflexes to position the firefighters so they can bounce the window-diving babies to safety. Fire Escapes starts off slowly but builds up to a torrent of babies and -- as you master the game -- Ninja babies. Yes, Ninja babies. Distinct bounce patterns for each baby add to the fun twitch gameplay.

Tap or tilt to move the firefighters one position to the left or right. Three positions, a building on fire and babies to bounce to safety. Pick-up-and-play retro gaming for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch featuring Game Center leaderboards and achievements, arcade music, squeaky sound effects and chunky pixel action.