Flow Weaver

Entrant 2021

Stitch Media and Silverstring Media


You are trapped. Bound by magic by unknown captors. But you are a Flow Weaver and can move between dimensions. Travel amongst them, learn new spells, and uncover the secrets of this strange world to orchestrate your escape.

Flow Weaver is a narrative escape room game. The player explores and experiments with their environment, moving between different magical dimensions to solve intuitive puzzles towards the goal of escape.

Gameplay allows you to move between your cell and multiple different dimensions (or "Flows") as you discover them, learning how each Flow affects the world in different ways. The player uses those differences to solve puzzles and challenges, learn new skills or spells, and uncover new objects and new puzzles.

Flow Weaver is an immersive seated experience with fully voiced dialogue, a moving soundtrack, and rich narrative lore for fantasy fans to dig into.

Flow Weaver is a seated VR experience, a design choice that was made early in its development. We noticed that a majority of VR games had players standing, using a wide range of movement, and that this didn't encourage users to remain in these games or experiences for an extended period of time. We focus on 'long play sessions' that allow a stronger narrative and free up the physical limitations of the user. Doing so gives us the freedom to tell the story of Flow Weaver at a pace and rhythm that isn't rushed or condensed but flows organically as it weaves the player into its web of fantasy and lore.