Entrant 2013

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Real-Time Strategy Redefined in Space. Experience the true impact of strategic decisions without being bogged down by tight build orders.

Choose your commanders wisely. Communicate with them. Extend your command, build your defences. Know your enemy well, read his next move, counter his strategies.

What will be your battle plan?

Imagine this, imagine that you've been an avid fan of strategies, strategems and tactics. You can relate easily to history, military textbooks and novels. But, is it possible to apply it in a RTS? In Foresight, yes you can.

=== Realism of Command ===
Realism of command permits such application of strategy, strategems and tactics. Realistic in a way that you, the player, although limited by some means, do not have to chase tech trees in a specific manner within a limited time frame in order to achieve a viable force.

=== Viability ===
In Foresight, it's much easier to be a viable force to be reckoned with. All available arsenal in the tech tree are available to you as soon as you've gotten your first shipyard. You may ask... so does that mean that I can build the largest ship in the game right from the start? Well, technically, you can do that. But this choice will cost you precious momentum in generating your economy. A large ship will easily starve you your precious credits required to build up a balanced fleet.

=== Responsibility of Choice ===
You are responsible for everything that happens in Foresight as a field commander. But you make only the choices and not control the path(s) that lead to them. This means when you request for a fighter to be built and deployed onto a ship of your choice, you don't have to hand-hold this puny fighter all the way from construction, till deployment, till delivery, and till it enters your ship's hangar bays.

Micro-management is not prohibited, but it's not encouraged either.

=== Strategy-Based ===
Foresight is true strategy-based. Its core game mechanisms revolve around it. We want you to enjoy playing a real game of strategy and wits with your opponents rather than to struggle hard enough just to be viable. This means, we've made it easy for you to build up your forces. You'll be in charge of planning strategies on how to deploy those forces, including organization of your defenses. You'll have to think far enough in order to attain victory; a quick rush simply won't do.