Entrant 2018

EarthWork Games


Forts is a physics-based RTS PC game of building, battling and causing rubble, in which players must build their base from scratch, load it out with heavy weaponry, and blast their opponent's fort to bits.

As well as featuring the traditional RTS mechanics of resource collection, tech tree development, and weapon unlocking, Forts adds the excitement of building a structurally sound base, and defending it from attackers, who are doing the same in real-time.

Forts features a single-player campaign, which follows three super-powers as they battle it out over the last of the planet's resources. Through the tutorials and 28 challenging missions, players will learn the physics, features and controls required to build a successful fort.

The game also features online multiplayer, in which up to eight players can take each other on in Team Death Match or Team Co-op mode, in which control of forts and resources are shared. Nine commander characters, all with game-changing abilities, ensure no two battles are the same.