Fowl Magic

Student Entrant 2020

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen Institute of Technology Team Rouge Brick


In Fowl Magic, you play as a hapless chicken who finds itself trapped inside a wizard's tower. This wouldn't be so bad, except for one crucial detail: the tower is burning. That means you'll have to jump, glide, and dash your way past hungry ghosts, hungrier spiders, flying bombs, perilous traps, and more to avoid getting roasted by the encroaching wall of fire! Legend also tells of larger, more dangerous beasts lurking within the tower's innumerable floors, so stay on your guard…

You won't have to rely on your wits and feathers alone, though: magic potions have been left strewn about the tower, and drinking them will grant you wondrous powers, such as fiery breath, lightning blasts, or even invincibility! The monsters who inhabit the tower have a strange fondness for bottles, so you'll have to fight for them, but the struggle is well worth it. Then, if your goose ever gets cooked, you can keep track of your furthest distances on the leaderboard and try to outlast your past self, or even compete with your friends! How far can you make it? How tall is this tower? Will it ever end? What's an ordinary chicken doing in a place like this? Who knows?!