Freeport: The City of Adventure

Entrant 2018

Drowning Monkeys Games


Freeport is the first video game version of the tabletop system licensed from Green Roning Publishing. It is set in a Caribbean style environment, a pirate run city that is also subject to Lovecraftian type horrors.

Our mission statement for the game is: "What would tabletop gaming look like if you had a magic table that could represent what the DM was describing?" The DM will be an integral part of this game, constantly interjecting and having a relationship between what is represented in the game space and his words.

The game serves as a virtual reality style atmosphere. You are in a virtual room with a virtual Dungeon Master. You create and paint your own mini. Your character sheet, quest log, dice rolls, etc., all exist as they would in actual tabletop, in the 'real world' while the game plays out on the actual tabletop in the 'game world'