Full Metal Furies

Entrant 2017

Cellar Door Games


Defend the free world from tyrannical titans in FULL METAL FURIES - a team-based brawler where cooperation is the key to victory.

Want to play with friends? Get friends first. Four players can join in on the adventure. Play as a friendly Fighter, a near-sighted Sniper, a square Sentinel, or an oval Engineer.

Want to play alone? Expected. In single player, the dynamic Pick 2 swapping system ensures you'll have a buddy to pick you up... unless they're down as well, in which case you can use your hard earned cash to level up for your next attempt.

Experiment with a versatile combat system full of counters, combos, cancels, and oval-shaped engineers. Unlock upgradeable masteries, equipment, and skill trees whilst exploring a massive world filled with myth, secrets, and meta-puzzles.

FULL METAL FURIES will challenge you to think like a team, and rethink what a brawler could be.

(An abstruse allegorical action adventure about atonement, allusions, and alliteration awaits all at an alternate age around Athens' ashes.)