Full Metal Furies

Entrant 2018

Cellar Door Games


FULL METAL FURIES is the newest game from the creators of ROGUE LEGACY. Discover a new twist on the Action-RPG genre, offering "true-cooperative" gameplay and a unique experience based on whether you play it solo or with friends.

In singleplayer, utilize the "Pick 2" system to choose two heroes and instantly swap between them. Create custom combos, make daring escapes, and revive yourself if you fall in battle. Put your mechanical skills to the test as going solo retains everything you can do with friends, and then some!

In multiplayer, save the world with up to four friends, either around the world online, or together from the comfort of your couch. Use your asynchronous skills to kick some synchronous butt, as the game utilizes a custom combat engine that dynamically changes every encounter based on the number of people playing. In FMF, one size DOES fit all.

Rally your party, master your arsenal, and save the world. FULL METAL FURIES will challenge you to think like a team, and to rethink what an action-RPG could be.