Student Entrant 2019

Objectif 3D (France) / ISTDS Montréal (Canada)
Objectif 3D (France) / ISTDS Montréal (Canada)


Fusion is an explosive third-person shooter with LAN two players co-op.
Why LAN co-op? It sounds old school, doesn't it?
Well, we want players to fight, cooperate, share emotions and laugh together like in the good old times.
That's "FUSION"! Welcome to our game and have fun! :p

This game was created by "Objectif 3D" Game Art & Design school in cooperation with "ISTDS Montréal" sound design school.

Pitch: In an indeterminate future, men have destroyed almost the entire forest. Realizing their mistakes, they decide to build an intelligent entity half végétale, half mechanics who get the mission to regenerate the forest. And their creation is a success, so much so that it will eventually turn against them, realizing that the main actors in this destruction are none other than its creators.

The players embody sentinels, creatures created by this regenerating entity, and will have the mission to save the forest through the various missions proposed by the game.