Fuzz Force: Spook Squad

Entrant 2021

Alan Igle


Become the newest recruit in the Fuzz Force's Spook Squad division and undertake a mission to capture the PolterPrince! Use Dice instead of cards in battles for a fresh take on the deckbuilding roguelite genre.

-Four unique characters offer their own strengths in battles through Passive Stats to offset the bad luck of low rolls and an Animal Power which enhances their role even further.
-Upgrade your Dice-powered weaponry by finding stronger Dice, obtaining Battlechips which augment those Dice with bonuses and status effects and Modules which grant unique abilities. Each component offers a new synergy and a customised playstyle.
-Navigate the tabletop world of the Forest, the Halls and the Attic on your mission. Each area has unique enemies and random events with a layout that changes every time you play. Will you leave the area as soon as you find the exit or explore each area to power up your equipment at the risk of being defeated?