(a game for) Two

Student Entrant 2014

University of Southern California
The Two Team


(a game for) Two is a game that abstracts how two people form a partnership / friendship / relationship, and reconstructs it into a play experience. It does this by tasking players to move along a gated linear path. In order to pass each gate, the two players must both participate in a trial that aims to establish and build upon various methods in which people form trust and bonds: communication, recognition, teamwork, etc. Each is designed to necessitate conversation and co-reliance, which in turn creates an avenue for a free, less goal- oriented verbal discussion between the two participants.

The game colors these situations by framing the experience in a shipwreck narrative. Both players have washed up on shore of a deserted island, seeing nothing but a path that leads into its heart. At the far end, through the environments and past all the gates, is a village at which a boat waits to whisk the players away. Straying off the path, however, is a vast island to discover, and more and more is revealed to the players as one clears the impeding gates.

(a game for) Two's design goal is to attempt to create a meaningful digital interaction that develops in a constructive manner as the game unfolds.