Genius Loci

Entrant 2017

One Hamsa


On a lonely asteroid lazily orbiting a distant star, a spark of life chance into being.
It grows, proliferates, evolves and spreads, and in time becomes an entire ecosystem
of weird alien plants and fungi. If one watches closely, one could glean the
character of an abstract entity orchestrating life in this little biome - the sum of all
its small chemical decisions and biological interactions. A singular guiding force,
providing it with insight beyond the simple rules of natural selection. Its Genius Loci.

Genius Loci is a single player simulation game for mobile devices, where you grow and
manage an ecosystem of alien plants.
As Genius loci, you have the power to design your own plants, guide their growth and direct
the elements, seeking to create and nurture a flourishing ecosystem - your personal paradise
where your plants can live harmoniously and in ecological balance.