Get Off My Planet! (GOMP!)

Entrant 2019

Ashley Coccia/Whata Hoot Game Designs, LLC.


GOMP! An exciting arcade-style shooter.

Extraterrestri-AL (Al for short), and his pet Flog, Florp, live alone on plentiful planet B.Gon. Planet B.Gon has a number of desirable natural resources; it's rich soil, breathable atmosphere, tremendous size, and bountiful sources of clean, fresh flowing water, make it an ideal planet for sustaining human life. Planet B.Gon is indeed the perfect place for humans to colonize and transform into their "New Earth".


Unfortunately for Al and Florp, every 100 years, for one month only, planet B.Gon becomes visible to Earth. One week ago, Al found an alien pod with an unusual symbol on it crashed on his planet! He also spotted several crafts with identical symbols flying in the nearby atmosphere.

The pod was filled with what looked to be a variety of diabolical doodads and nonsensical things. Al suspected that those strange ships circling in the (now not-so-distant) distance may be planning an invasion!

So what is Al and Florp to do?

Al decided he must fight to defend his planet from these -- foreign intruders! So he armed himself with all the phasers, blasters, zappers, lasers, rockets, and bombs he could find. He also stocked his ship with all of
his favorite galactic goodies; after all, proper nourishment is a must for Al, especially during warfare.

Al even placed signs up that he believed the "beings" would understand, hoping to thwart the strangers from
trespassing on his precious planet B.Gon. But to his dismay, the warnings didn't work... so he plopped his plump alien rump down in his comfy, favorite rocking rocket-er, and, fully loaded, awaited the unwelcome arrival.