Go Kinok! Go!

Student Entrant 2013

Islamic Azad University, Tehran South Branch
Red Cap Games


"Go Kinok! Go!" is a 2.5D platformer that aims to inject modern game design with a healthy dose of speed. This may remind you of a certain speedy blue legend. You wouldn't be wrong. Still, this is not about gaming icons. It's about an up and coming fellow who just wants to go fast.

- With enough speed, Kinok can launch into "Bullet Mode" where our friendly toaster / bullet / hero (You decide!) turns into an unstoppable speed demon. As we all know, true speed demons are also invincible. Encouragement for those that keep the speed.

- During "Bullet Mode", Kinok blasts everything in its path. While our hero can jump on enemies' heads to defeat them, with Bullet Mode a single touch from any angle will shoot them like a mad rocket. Now try to play the whole level in Bullet Mode.

- From breezy Albroz mountains to lush northern jugnles, Kinok's travels will take him to all sorts of Persian environments. Unique enemies with different brands of dashing semi-facial features await (More on that later!).

- Literally 2.5D: The game world is a true 2D platform with while the hero and his enemies are made of 3D polygons but designed in a way to blend with the 2D elements. After all, who likes simple 2 dimensional characters?

- There's also something about an over ambitious news reporter and aliens but don't let them distract you from the heart of Go Kinok! Go!: Platforming in beautifully hand drawn worlds and doing it with speed and style.