Goblins of Elderrstone

Entrant 2017

Lost Goblin


Goblins of Elderstone brings a unique chaotic twist to the city building genre. It is more than just a city builder - it is a Goblin Tribe Simulator! In Goblins of Elderstone you will nurture your tiny clan as it grows to become a dominating tribe, standing against the other races and even the gods. Rule over your chaotic goblins King or Queen and raid dungeons and villages to keep feeding your ever growing tribe.

In Goblins of Elderstone the choice is yours. You can be wise and industrious or create a trade empire. You can be the divine chosen one and lead your tribe to glory through the power of your faith in the gods or be a conqueror and show the world the power of your goblin forces. You will be able to hire powerful heroes and negotiate with the other races. You can be whatever kind of goblin tribe you want!