In God's Hands

Student Entrant 2016

University of California, Santa Cruz
God Squad


In God's Hands is a god game that asks the player to physically pull the strings. This god game differs from most in that it is not a power fantasy. The player's goals are not clear-- there are no missions or even instructional text-- and the humans that inhabit the earth are not willful playthings. There is no winning; instead, the player must answer the earth's various tribes' prayers to continue being believed in by them. Failing to have any believers ends the game.

In God's Hands was built around a unique custom hardware controller feature physical strings that control various parts of the earth: temperature, animal migrations, plate tectonics, frightening lightening storms, and the earth's rotation. Throughout the game, more and more tribes of humans will appear that pray for their own unique needs-- sometimes they contradict another tribe's-- and the player, as God, must decide if and how to help them.