Student Entrant 2017

University of Southern California
Sugarscape Games


A 3D platformer from a bug's-eye-view! You are a tiny grasshopper in a vast and dangerous world, trying to get by at the bottom of the food chain. Leap over vast distances, avoid predators, zip between individual blades of grass, and bloom each seed hidden in the world!

At its core, Grassdancer is all about scale -- all of our environments are ordinary natural settings portrayed from a tiny perspective, revealing a compelling world of nooks and crannies. But small as you may be, your movements are huge -- and your powerful legs can send you hurtling you across the world at a moment's notice.

Inspired by Microcosmos, the heartbreaking french documentary about life and death in the insect world, Grassdancer is an appreciation of the tiny champions beneath our feet and their struggle to survive.