Grid Force - Mask Of The Goddess

Entrant 2021

Playtra Games


Grid Force - Mask of the Goddes is a beautiful 2d hand-drawn, grid-based Action/RPG where you fight, recruit and unlock the powers of a great variety of female warriors in a race to save the world from collapsing and rebooting, concluding an endless loop that is caging the people of the world.

Grid Force offers fast-paced strategic combats, inspired by classics like Mega Man Battle Network. You will face choices that will directly influence Donna's journey and the possibilities to find new characters or explore new areas.

You will be able to recruit the characters you meet. Some of them may ask for help, some others may challenge you to see if you are a worthy leader to follow. Make sure to gain their trust and they will join your crew.

Finally, you can level up your team and unlock special abilities or passive skills, or you can unlock and equip the masks of the goddesses, powerful items that will give you a great advantage in the field.

The game uses a mix of interactive comics and in-game conversations to tell a compelling story of inclusion, personal growth and responsibility through an epic journey to the multicultural fictional world of Gora.