Groping in the dark

Entrant 2011



Made by Far Beyond the Game company based in South Korea, "Groping in the Dark" is the first installment of a four episode long adventure game that depicts a young girl who wakes up from unconsciousness only to realize that she has been kidnapped by a serial killer. The game follows her inner battle against the outside reality: can she put her will and wits together to escape from the serial killer? Or will she give in?

What makes the game unique amongst many horror games is its intention to challenge the question of "can games be art?". In order to accomplish such a goal, the developers created a symbolic story that reflects the political and social psyche of South Korean society. Then they designed the structure of the in-game narrative text to flow organically between user action and response that occurs during the game play. At last, the developers chose to use kinetic typography as a medium that allows both storytelling and interaction to bridge the gap between the narrative and the freedom of play.

Poetic and mystical, "Groping in the Dark" was also awarded for the Jury Award at IndieCade 2010.