Student Entrant 2019

Drexel University
Root121 Games


Groundless is a local multiplayer arena game where you build and destroy the ground you walk on.

Players can only move and interact with each other through the ground. Since everyone shares the same ground, building ground creates movement for you, but also for your enemies. Likewise, destroying ground inhibits movement for both you and your enemies. Use your abilities to complete the objective, revive teammates, or drop enemies. Then, curve your abilities to catch people off guard or detonate them early for an impact!

Perform a ritual for the Summoning Circle, take control of an Offering, or sacrifice enemies into the Abyss in three different game modes:

Ritual (2v2): Teams capture the Summoning Circle and collect offerings to gain points
Control (free-for-all): Keep away a single offering from your competitors
Sacrifice (free-for-all): Compete against one another with a limited stock of lives