Entrant 2020

Salmi Games


You're a small gorilla who just escaped from a terrible military testing facility. Fortunately you have gained the incredible ability to grow... by eating. You're the world's hungriest ape and everything you gobble up makes you grow bigger and stronger.

What starts as a fast-paced, stealthy survival game quickly evolves into an intense battle as you grow into an oversized monster and seek revenge upon your tormentors. Eat your way through a fully simulated world. Wreak havoc when you become a mighty silverback in this frantic smash-em-up.

Inspired by amazing games like Katamary Damacy and We Love Katamary, GrowRilla offers the best in eat-em-up VR action.

==Key Features==
* Run, hide and climb while you're small to outsmart your enemies.
* Punch, shoot and throw - Use the enemy's own weapons against them!
* Full Freedom - Every object is a potential tool
* Intuitive locomotion system carefully designed to avoid motion sickness
* Get big, then go all out and get your revenge on the military.
* Fully-generated island with new surprises every time.
* Unlock new content with each playthrough.
* Regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and content.