Entrant 2019

Sirvo Studios


Guildlings is a single player episodic adventure for mobile, set in a world of wizards and wifi. This offbeat, JRPG-inspired fantasy focuses more on navigating friendships than on slaying bad guys.

You play as Coda, a homeschooled teen who's had the unfortunate luck of activating a cursed smartphone. Now you must recruit your friends to become Guildlings, using their extraordinary powers to free yourself from the curse.

Your guild will navigate a low-poly 3D world, using a text message interface to interact with characters and progress the story. Gameplay is a mix of exploration, conversation and non-traditional combat. Each of your Guildlings has magic powers that can support you in the challenges ahead, but in this world, magic is driven by emotions. As the Guild's leader, it's your job to keep your team's feelings in balance and save the world along the way.