Guilt Battle Arena

Entrant 2017


Fast-paced, addictive and utterly charming
Survive the dreadful judge and his militia in Guilt Battle Arena, a delightful and challenging Arena Beat 'em up. Slay, shoot, smash or explode through your enemies while watching out for the myriad of wacky obstacles standing in your way. You are innocent and the time has come to fight for your freedom!

Master devastating weapons
Choose among 4 playable characters and their very own fighting style. Slay, shoot, smash, explode your way to freedom and develop new tricks to beat your enemies.

Learn fast / Die often
The mechanics are so simple that everyone can jump in quickly. Though it takes some skills to stop the bomb, avoid the exploding chickens, protect the sneaky cats and deal with the frantic rhythm! You better keep your cool.

Enjoy 2 unique game modes
Survive the fearful judge while ramping up in difficulty in the campaign or beat your high score in the arena.

Customize your characters
Not only the heroes are the cutest on earth (c'mon admit it!), you can also customize them by collecting a bunch of badass costumes and weapons along the way.