Entrant 2017

Robo Pixel Games


Ultraviolent bullet-hell platformer Gunnihilation is dual-stick 16-bit mayhem that fuses several forms of 2D shoot'em up, from run and gun classics like Contra and Metal Slug, to the arena based slaughter of Smash TV. The side-scrolling action gameplay and screen-filling bosses can be tackled alone or with up to 4 players in local co-op.

The world is held ransom by an evil organisation with a secret weapon: waves and waves of expendable men. You are an operative in an elite task force with the critical mission of saving the world, armed only with a hammer, a handful of guns and a million billion bullets.

You will need to memorise the intricate patterns of the bullet-spewing giga-bosses, time your hammer swings against charging berserkers and practise your circle-strafing against armies of mechs.

Jump, shoot, dodge, explode, hammer, shoot, explode, crush and explode your way across teeming jungles, devastated cityscapes, evil labs, rickety elevators and silent train yards against hundreds of enemies per level.