Gunplay: Impractical Conflict Resolution (In the Wild West)

Student Entrant 2015

Michigan State University
Game created in the Game Design and Development Specialization at Michigan State University by Team "Puns and Ammo", featuring Sahil Tandon (design, programming), Dylan Davids (design, art), Paul Schultz (art), and Qianyi Wu (programming) over the course


The Wild West has changed. No longer satiated by displays of sheer speed, aim, and courage, the cowboys of "Gunplay : Impractical Conflict Resolution" have evolved to more elaborate, extravagant, and convoluted methods of mercilessly maiming one another. Modified guns require feats of intelligence, strategy, puzzle-solving, and tedium to wield. The ability to solve simple puzzles joins fast hands as the defining traits of a successful gunslinger -- Do you have what it takes?

Gunplay features 15 levels comprised of elaborate combinations of simple mini-game puzzles. Complete every puzzle and fire before your opponent does!

Best your own times on your favorite levels through the game's high score system!

Take the competition into the real world with Gunplay's LAN multiplayer mode!