Entrant 2022

Dark Quixote Studio


In a simulation, programs delicate coexistence is coming to an end. Virus rise and many sectors are being destroyed. Lead, a shattered program with a lost purpose, will have to take the fight against them and a shadowy organization; even if it means, dealing with her past mistakes.
Seeking answers in the very end, Lead will get to know the best and the worst of Ha_Bits town and its inhabitants, and their connection with the mysterious Overclock; when time runs out and only seven cycles remain.
Ha_Bits features two different worlds to be explored, the haunting and beautiful Ha_Bits town and the Overclock: a dangerous plane of existence that keeps many secrets and knowledge.
Two different game modes connected to tell the story integrated on the game's world.
Dress up to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Each with unique powers and skills.
Original art and soundtrack to entertain you up to the end of cycles.
A story full of mysteries and riddles to be solved on the simulation.
A cute cat to save your game! :3