Happy Skies

Student Entrant 2016

University of Advancing Technology
Terrasect Mobile, LLC


Happy Skies is a kid-friendly adventure game. The player controls one of many cute animal characters as they travel around the world, trying to see as much of the world as they can. As they see the sights they can interact with a number of notable landmarks from the Great Wall of China to Big Ben, unlocking new characters and earning points. Check back in your travel log as you work your way around the world to learn new things about the place's you have visited.

The player has to avoid a number of natural obstacles like rain clouds and pigeons, preventing them from popping the balloons keeping them afloat. The player also needs to stay ahead of the evil monkey minions of the big bad penguin, who is jealous of the player's ability to fly using their balloons. Keep afloat and enjoy your travels in Happy Skies.