Entrant 2022

CoffeeBean Interactive


The gameplay revolves around adapting and evolving as the game goes on until you reach the last evolution point where your character turns into their final form. These can take the form of a giant bat in Aca's case or a big cat in the smell character Radon's case. These final forms are usually really powerful but far from unstoppable. As the game goes on you'll find you end up dying to a certain class more often than others. If the smell character Radon is giving you a hard time for example, Vision can upgrade his bear trap to include a slab of meat which gives off a fake sent trail which can bait Radon into the open where he becomes an easy target.

We have many examples of this back and forth rock, paper, scissors mechanic which helps to make every game feel very different with the players feeling encouraged to try a different path until they find a gameplay style they vibe with the most.