Here Be Trolls

Entrant 2018

Piñata Games


The Net is overrun by trolls. You are the Wordsmith. A hero armed with intelligence and a mean vocabulary. Choose your words carefully, for it is the only way to banish these trolls once and for all.

- Both single and 2 player co-op modes.
- Single device 2 player co-op mode: Play with a friend, controlling the same hero!
- Heal yourself using only your words.
- Play your way: fast and furious with short words or slower with powerful, long words.
- Massive words lead to massive rewards
- Earn the Troll currency of Lolz to unlock new skills.
- Fill your vocabulary with new words to level up.
- Tons of achievements to unlock.
- Learn new skills to aid your battle against the trolls.
- Share you best words with your friends and online.