Entrant 2018

Pretty Smart Games


During the summer of 2017, my grandmother suddenly suffered a stroke. I became one of the over 700,000 family members that have to cope with the uncertain and challenging time after this kind of trauma occurs. I soon realized that if I was going to emotionally survive this, I'd have to find a way to funnel my feelings into something I could communicate outward.

Visiting the hospice every day, telling my grandmother stories intended to comfort and encourage her, never knowing whether a triumphant recovery or the final goodbye awaited us... those are the feelings that I have used to make this experience.

My grandmother was my third parent; she raised me my entire life. There are many more stories I want to tell about her. To me, this game is not a definition of her as a person, but instead a window into a single week of my life. For those of you that have experienced something like this, I feel for you.