Hotel Tutwin

Entrant 2020

Roxiano Creations


Hotel Tutwin is a visual novel designed for horror / romance lovers. Each storyline is quick and to-the-point, but there are many to discover. Prepare for inevitable deaths.

You play as Penni, who is compelled to enter a mysterious hotel with her childhood friend. From outside, Hotel Tutwin seems abandoned and empty, but wait… It's up and running? The characters you will meet are a quirky bunch, but don't let them fool you. The world at Hotel Tutwin is a balanced ecosystem that has yet to be disrupted.

Penni can choose between three male love interests, all of which have stories hidden in branches other than their main one. This means you can't learn everything about one character by only playing the path leading to their happy ending. And it's not like the story is made of happy endings either. In fact, only about one third of the endings are good. So if you're looking for an easy love story without death or hardship, don't look here!