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HOVR, a 3rd person racing VR mobile game for GearVR, takes you to an alternative dystopian world where humanity's collective mind has been hijacked, and a group of international hackers competes to decipher "The Serve" - the enemy's mind-control tool. You play one of those hackers - racing on their hoverboard to the sound of awesome music beats - outrunning the competition to reach the finish line and deliver the intel to the highest bidder.
You start the game by choosing between 4 characters - each with their own set of upgrades - and plunging straight into the action-packed HOVR world. The game has 3 main objectives: Reaching the finish line, outrunning other hackers (bots) and achieving a high score. You're also racing against the clock, so beware that going over time brings down your overall score at the end of the race!

The game has a total of 4 increasingly challenging levels. Along the way, players can collect extra elements to help them in their mission:

- Batteries: Recharge and maintain top speed
- Speed boosters: Go over them to accelerate further
- Power-ups: These can slow down the opponents chasing you. They include shields, 3-bombs, air strikes and battery full refills. Power-ups get upgraded as you move from world to world

As they move through the HOVR world at breakneck speed, players can also gain extra points by performing out of this world hoverboard moves such as jumps, grabs and special tricks, with the in-game leaderboard displaying the overall rankings in real time. ENJOY!