How To Die

Student Entrant 2016

Warsaw University of Technology
Blue Djinns Games


How To Die aims to refresh the way players perceive logic games by incorporating fast-paced action between the demanding physics-based puzzles, serving it all with unique hand-made graphics. The player's goal is to help the main protagonist, Nerdy, to fight internet threats that materialize in his dreams; to avoid further infection, he uses a range weapon - the Ball. Approaching targets isn't just about accurate aiming as they are not easily reachable. Before Nerdy even kicks the Ball, the player has to meticulously plan its way throughout a stage, solving a bunch of logical riddles. As the Ball starts to move, the game enters arcade mode, in which the player activates various world elements, directly controls Ball's movement and even enters slow-motion to manipulate physical objects - all means necessary to clear the stage.