Student Entrant 2017

University of Southern California
I.C.U. Games LLC


I.C.U. is a multiplayer horror game set on a reality TV show controlled by a live Twitch.tv audience. In I.C.U., one live-streamer (the contestant) must survive a horror encounter while their viewers (the audience) vote on modifiers for the level and trigger different events to make the experience more entertaining!

As the contestant, you must find three shacks hidden within a forest haunted by a persistent monster. At each shack the audience will get to vote on what difficulty modifier the contestant must face next. From drunk mode, to mega fog, to even shrinking the player character to the size of a child-- all options make it harder to face the monster! After voting on these modifiers, viewers earn a currency that they can spend to trigger asynchronous effects on the player character such as temporary super sprint, force push, or a slap in the face! The more you play, the more empowered your viewers get and the more variety the show has to offer. Thanks for watching, and see you next time on I.C.U.!