Entrant 2019

Glass Revolver


The world is big. Dangerous. Surreal. And you are alone. Or... almost. As Itta, you wake up to a nightmarish sight, surrounded by the bodies of your family. With only a mysterious floating cat by her side, Itta takes up her father's old revolver and sets out across a broken world. Featuring challenging bullet-hell style gameplay and a thoughtful narrative steeped in otherworldly mythology, ITTA will test your skills and your resolve.

As Itta travels, she'll encounter people desperate for her help, powerful new weapons to master, strange beasts determined to block her path, and the truth at the heart of the post-post-apocalypse. ITTA weaves a personal and compelling narrative that asks you, at the end of the world, when there's no one left to lean on, who can you rely on but yourself?