Jimmy Nosferatu: The Worst Vampire in the World

Entrant 2017



Jimmy Nosferatu: The Worst Vampire In The World is a timeless coming of age tale told with a 21st Century twist. Think Harry Potter meets Curb Your Enthusiasm. Featuring unforgettable characters, it's a hilarious and heartwarming misadventure through Jimmy's trials and tribulations as a teen.

The Urthworx storytelling system combines animation, decision points, mini-games and interactive activities into an innovative entertainment format for the 21st Century... the appisodic series. In essence, it's a TV show and a game rolled into one unique experience.

Jimmy Nosferatu also represents a new kind of entertainment we call "impact entertainment"--a fusion of interactive entertainment and social impact. Through the power of role-play and perspective shifting, the series teaches critical social skills (e.g., bullying, peer pressure, parents, dating). 10% of the profits will be donated to a respected nonprofit.