Jules Verne. Extraordinary Voyages

Entrant 2017


This videogame is the result of a workshop produced at Espacio Fundación Telefónica during January and February 2016. The approach was to gather a number of participants from different disciplines, even if they did not have prior knowledge on game development, to create a gaming experience based on a process of shared thoughts that would rethink the imaginary of Jules Verne novels. Coinciding with the exhibition "Jules Verne. Los límites de la imaginación" (6th November 2015 – 28th February 2016). The goal of the workshop was to create a videogame with enough final quality as to be published on Android and iOS stores. This way, through guided visits to the exhibition conducted by the Espacio educators in which we talked, not only about this exhibition content but also about museography and how this huge number of pieces were organized for exhibition, we found ourselves deep into Vernes work, his time and diverse experiences related to travels, discoveries and interest in scientific progress of a time in which both scientists and readers began to wonder about our world's hidden mysteries and the rest of the universe.

From this starting point we decided to develop a videogame with a narrative covering the works of the renowned French writer. We selected a sample of stories, each one of them related to an exhibition area, and we started our journey in the spaceship that eventually went to the moon. Like Verne's work, relatable to every kind of public, we wanted to create a project for all ages. Even more, we added to the equation talks and conferences about the exhibition and the result was this app: a videogame that is not a videogame but the resulting experience of a collaborative workshop in which each one of the levels has been designed by one or more of the participants. You can read more about the creative process touching the info icon on the upper right corner.

We hope you enjoy it and learn from it as much as we did making it.