Jurassic Mouse Company

Student Entrant 2017

Sungkyunkwan University
Modakin Games


The time was a long long ago, when the dinosaurs ruled the world.
However, Dinosaurs was not the only species who had existed on the earth,
but the mammals, who had rough lives under dinosaurs, did start to evolve.

Ancestors of mice who stood out among mammals finally established
'Jurassic Mouse Company'.
The goal of company is to make fried eggs from dinosaur eggs for survival of mice and security of food against oppression of dinosaurs.

At the same time as the establishment of JMC, a number of applicants applied.
Today, with regularity, JMC keep sending a few select new employees to fields, and…

"Be one of new employees of JMC, and get dinosaur eggs with safety for
survival of mice and extinction of dinosaurs!

[Combination of Arcade and Puzzle]
In the process of designing strategies and performing them in practice,
players can experience strong immersion.

[Promotion System]
The character start to promote from one of new employees to the chairman by
clearing stages and getting eggs.
Players can see the promotion visually and get satisfaction.

[Various Puzzle Objects]
Not only dinosaurs to avoid, but also various environmental obstacles exist.
Players can use them to clear stages freely and enjoy more.