Kaiju Kite Attack

Entrant 2020



OH MY KAIJU!!! It's...Kaiju! Kaiju Kite Attack! Kaiju are coming to your town, to burn it down. Save your meemaw! Save the universe! Get your kite in the sky. FLY OR DIE!!!

Kaiju Kite Attack is a weirdo, 2d, existential, retro platformer/shmup, where you fly kites and fight giant monsters! It's inspired by a little bit of Mario 1, a little bit of Mega Man 2, and a dash of Cho Aniki...but I guarantee it's like nothing you've ever played before. Procedurally generated platforming, ensuring each and every platform you land on is one ripped from the grip of random chaos incarnate! State-of-the-art, kite-flying physics and controls engineered to accurately and precisely simulate an actual, real-life kite-flying, Kaiju attack! Kaiju Kite Attack is an existential vacation on a technicolor kite!