Kokeshi Kikō

Student Entrant 2022

Abertay University
Ryan Goward


A Kokeshi (こけし) is a small, wooden child's doll from the north of Japan. These dolls are traditionally sold at northern hot springs, called Onsen, as souvenirs. Kikō (紀行) translates to 'travel journal', so in English the game could be called "The Travel Journal of a Kokeshi".

The project is a unique computer game adaptation of Bashō's 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North' where the characters are all Japanese Kokeshi dolls and the environment is made to match. The gameplay is interspersed by the original Haiku which have been wonderfully narrated by the talented Chizuko Nakamura.

Experience a tranquil story about the player's ascent up a mountain to reach the soothing Onsen at the summit.