The Land of the Brave

Student Entrant 2018

California State University of Long Beach
Martín Alonzo González Jr.


This game is a Special 3D Action/Adventure Platformer taking place in the magical lands of Northern Spain. Borrowing from the simplicity of Zelda's 2D sword mechanics and the fun of Mario's movements, plus the ease of Megaman X's controls .

Play as a courageous 14 year old boy, who's Nation of Castille is under attack by The Kingdom of Aragon. Defend your homeland, follow your dreams, and learn the values of family, friendship, courage, and a good heart in this fun action packed adventure full of magical creatures, undiscovered lands, hidden treasures, Christian mythology, magic powers, evil, and brave men!

Headed by the first generation college freshmen Martin Alonzo Gonzalez Jr. this game has been in development since February of 2016. Currently a two man team they hope to use the exposure of this competition to help get the word out about the game and help boost final sales, support the (future) kickstarter, and to hire more staff to create the best game they can.