Later Daters

Entrant 2019

Bloom Digital Media


Introducing Later Daters, Bloom Digital Media's new romance game!

Some people seem to think that over the age of 40 life is boring and romance is dead. Well, we don't believe it.

Through a deeply romantic and sexy interactive romance set at a seniors residence Later Daters offers players new ways to think about time and what they want to make of their lives. The characters in Later Daters aren't always straight or married. They are not (necessarily) grandparents, and don't subscribe to stereotypes of hemorrhoid cream, sensible shoes and daytime bingo.

Later Daters is an existential antidote to ageism and the fear of death, suggesting that our capacity to love one another deeply and generously is the only true limit to our lives. Later Daters is exciting, sexy, hilarious and true. Maybe life really does begin at 60.