Lazy Chess

Entrant 2021

Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis with Cinq-Mars Media


Lazy Chess: Fewer Moves. More Fun! Lazy Chess is a free game for iOS and Android created for the diffident chess enthusiast. On average, there are more than 30 legal chess moves available to a player in a turn, creating vigintillions of possibilities throughout a game. Lazy Chess compresses that by offering the best 2, 3 or 4 moves to choose in each turn. What's the catch? You won't know which move is the best!

The world's most sophisticated chess engine, Stockfish, analyzes your strategy. Stockfish consistently triumphs over many of the world's best players--human and AI. The moves provided in Lazy Chess can always win the match, but how strong are your decisions?

The board plays as a real chess game would while limiting your selections. In any turn, your options may allow you to defend, progress, capture, or even use special rules such as castling. New to playing chess? You will learn creative moves. Consider yourself a contender? See how you rate against a world-class neural network!

Compete against an AI opponent, online with strangers or friends, or through local pass and play.

Lazy Chess is open source and available on GitHub. It was developed by Cinq-Mars Media, an educational non-profit with projects and games featured at E3, PAX and festivals worldwide.